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À Santé Nutrition Center

Washington, D.C.


The design solution is divided into sections corresponding to the chapters of A Pattern Language (1977) that are of the most relevance to this thesis. The patterns chosen to help guide the design of the center form a language that speaks to the user. The center is named À Santé (pronounced ah/sahn/tay), \a French expression, and common toast, meaning 'To health'.

{21} Four-story Limit

{47} Health Center

{60} Accessible Green

{95} Building Complex

{115} Courtyards which Live

{118} Roof Garden

{127} Intimacy Gradient

{128} Indoor Sunlight

{139} Farmhouse Kitchen

{147} Communal Eating

{177} Vegetable Garden

{207} Good Materials

{250} Warm Colors


"The Latin word convivium contains more of this mystery than our banquet or feast. To call a feast a convivium is to call it a mystery of the sharing of life;

a mystery in which guests partake of the good things prepared and given to them by the love of their host, and in which the atmosphere of friendship and gratitude expands into a sharing of thoughts and sentiments, and ends in common rejoicing."

-Thomas Merton, The Living Bread, New York, 1956, pp. 126-27, As cited in A Pattern Language, 1977, p. 698.


1. Occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company.

2. Of or relating to a feast or entertainment, or to eating and drinking, with accompanying festivity; festive; social; jovial.

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