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The Common Cafe

Savannah, Georgia


Due to the client's vision of more integrated communities, with less focus on

consumerism and more on the human experience, they have partnered with colleges and universities in cities where they see a potential for growth that corresponds with their own mission. The client chose the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia for its unique urban landscape that promotes pedestrian traffic, and the high population of centrally located college students.


Though the Savannah College of Art and Design provides a library for students, the hours are not conducive to late night studying, and the library is not open to students that attend other schools. Many students enjoy the quiet atmosphere of being at a library, however do not want to be burdened with leaving to eat, drink, or take a break to converse with classmates or friends. There are no alternate choices of places to study or relax in Savannah's downtown area that are quiet enough throughout the day, open twenty-four hours, or available to non-SCAD students.

This project proposes a multi-purpose, 'Third Place', for students and other members of the community to engage, study, mingle, and hold meetings or events.

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