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À Santé


In order to fill a void in the built environment and provide sustainable client results, this center was designed solely for the purpose of improving one's dietary intake while simultaneously fostering a positive community environment.

Seedling Projects is the (hypothetical) sponsor of the center, in coordination with other non-profits. Interior spaces were developed to support the goals of the center while addressing the physical and psychological needs of the community. The center serves as a possible prototype for similar facilities across the country.



This project is the result of a collaborative studio course involving architecture, interior design, and uban planning students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Though there were many designs in the studio, REtreat was designed solely by Andrea Martin and Khoi Hoang (both first-year INDS graduate students).

Bunny Friends Neighborhood association reached out to SCAD in order to have students design a community center for those living in the upper ninth ward of New Orleans, Loiusiana.

After traveling to NOLA in order to find a potential building for the center and conduct site and user analysis, the group returned to Savannah to create the ideal community center for residents of the Bunny Friends neighborhood.

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