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With a reputation of the greatest average obesity rate and deaths from heart disease in the world, Americans have a long way to go in terms of nutrition. There are too many every day distractions to diverge the average person of their health related goals. The question remains, "What can be done to facilitate a healthy lifestyle in the western world?"

This project addresses how design principles and techniques can be implemented to help improve the overall quality of health for the average American diner, specifically in the southeastern United States.

The Common Cafe


According to Raj Patel, from the book The Value of Nothing, "...what I never quite understood was that 'common' could not only be a place, but also a verb to describe how to value and share the world around us...the commons has traditionally provided food, fuel, water...for those who used it."

In order to reinvent this idea of the commons in today's community, more spaces are needed for gathering whether the user is socializing or just co-existing.

This student oriented cafe provides a sense of commonality among users by incorporating familiar materials, furnishings and finishes, providing multiple comfortable seating areas, and treating all users with respect.

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